Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise is Scotlandís main economic development agency. We work to:

  • Stimulate economic growth - delivering dedicated support locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Exploit low carbon opportunities - we are working with partners to create a competitive low carbon business environment in Scotland.
  • Improve Scotlandís business infrastructure - ensuring Scotland has a great business environment for companies to grow and attract new investment to Scotland.
  • Support businesses - offering tailored support to businesses of all sizes. Support includes products, services, funding and investment opportunities.

Our Low Carbon Implementation Plan shows what we are doing to deliver Scotlandís low carbon business opportunities. This includes supporting Scottish companies to innovate and diversify into new markets, technologies and supply chains, as well as help companies to embed low carbon into their business planning. Through sustained investment, Scottish Enterprise is helping to create a globally competitive low carbon business environment for Scotland.

Scottish Enterprise supports low carbon innovation in a number of ways. We provide advice and guidance to all businesses in Scotland on innovation projects and activities, in addition to grants for investment in R&D and innovation. We also run targeted calls to support the research and development, and commercialisation of innovation ideas. Scottish Enterprise also supports low carbon innovation through the development of infrastructure such as the Scottish Energy Lab.