The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate is first and foremost a commercial organisation with a mandate, under The Crown Estate Act 1961, to deliver a return on assets in other words to make a profit, which goes to the Treasury for the benefit of the nation.

Working with the grain of government policy The Crown Estate is a key player in supporting the delivery of a diverse and secure energy supply for the UK. As managers of the seabed out to 12nm and with specific rights beyond that we are:

  • Playing a major role in the development of offshore wind energy industry
  • Committed to working with industry and stakeholders to successfully exploit the UKs significant wave and tidal energy resources
  • Working with developers to identify how carbon storage beneath the seabed can help the UK meet its targets on carbon emissions
  • Working in partnership with recognised developers, looking at onshore renewable schemes which will not only provide renewable energy but also bring financial and other benefits to local communities
  • Investigating marine biomass as a source of energy for the UK by studying the potential for, uses and consequences of large-scale farming of macro-algae (seaweed) in UK waters
  • Striving for the best standards of estate management to fulfil our stewardship responsibilities
  • Putting sustainability at the heart of the business

Drawing on recommendations made by the Offshore Wind Cost Reduction Taskforce, The Crown Estate is considering how best to design and lease future offshore Test and Demonstration facilities. A large number of T&D initiatives have been formulated by industry as part of the cost reduction pathways study and these have been collated and characterised with the intention of identifying projects and sites that can produce tangible reductions in direct costs, improve performance or risk profile.